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Who We Are


EXV Oil is a Swiss based corporation committed to identify, develop and fulfill new opportunities in the oil industry on behalf of its clients.   EXV's members have more than 25 years of experience in the global market of petroleum trade, bringing the company among the most recognized boutique organizations in the global market.   The company captures value throughout the supply chain utilizing its high relationships with oil producers emphasizing on its top logistics and strategically located storage facilities.

EXV's approach is versatile and flexible respectful of the individual traditions of the people and companies of different cultures it trades with. The company believes in establishing strong business relationships based on trust and transparency to build trading activities aimed to benefit from the qualities of the genuine markets in which it chooses to operate.

EXV is currently looking to expand its activities in the petroleum industry’s upstream and downstream sectors with the aim to grow into a global supplier and provide its customers with a wider selection of fuels, petrochemicals and marine transportation services.

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